Course Selection 101 - Specialized Honours in Cognitive Science

Feeling confused? We’ve been there!
So many courses, so many disciplines, so many requirements.
What does it all mean?
To help you get through this, please visit the links below. 

Now, we will present a few scenarios.
Choose the one that applies to you.

  1. I need help with choosing my general education courses. How do I know if it will be approved as a general education course for Cognitive science?
      - Visit YorkU's course registration portal and search for the following subjects: Natural Science (NATS), Humanities (HUMA), and Social Science (SOSC).
    - Select one 1000-level course from each of these subjects.
    - Note that first year courses labelled as 1xxx *could be* a general education course. To check, just read the course description. If you're still not sure, please meet with an academic advisor or a peer mentor leader.
  2. I'm on my first / second year. What courses should I take?
    Here's an advice from our program director: "Students in their first year or two should begin with 1000- and 2000-level courses with no prerequisites. It’s a good idea to start satisfying your general education requirements straight away. You might also consider taking PSYC 1010, COGS 2160, LING 2800, and PHIL 2240."
  3. The classes that I want to take are already full. What can I do to register in these courses?
    - Students typically change their courses during the first and second week of September. Review the refund tables, keep checking for an opening, and enrol right away. 
    - Contact the faculty or the course director and inquire about what you could do to gain a spot in the course
    - Go to the first day of class and inform the course professor about your situation
  4. I am on my second / third year and I didn’t do well on my courses. What should I do?
    - First of all, we want you to know that it's okay! That is a common experience we all face as university students. Learning "how to learn" can take some time. To boost your GPA, it might be helpful to attend some of the academic workshops on campus.
    - Note that you need to maintain the minimum GPA requirement for an Honours degree. Otherwise, your student status will change to a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.
    - If you want to switch majors and continue in the cognitive science program, aim to meet the yearly minimum GPA requirement and improve your academic standing.
    After fulfilling the minimum GPA requirement, you could submit an application form to change your major.
  5. I want to check my courses and GPA. How can I do that?
    You could do this by visiting the degree progress report.
  6. I want to get involved on campus, join a club, find jobs, and volunteer. Where can I find this information?
    - It can be difficult to navigate all of the student services on campus but we got you covered! Here's a list of helpful links to get you started.
  7. Still having some issues? 
    - Please visit this link: FAQs
    - Feel free to drop by during our office hours
    - meet with an academic advisor or a peer mentor leader
    - contact the program director

That's all for now! We hope this is helpful.
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