Cognitive Science Students' Association


The purpose of the Cognitive Science Students’ Association of York University is to unite all students with an interest in Cognitive Science and to provide a forum for which to exercise this interest. We are a multi-faceted community where we, as an association, put forth opportunities, facilitate discussions and instigate curiosity about the mind and its many faculties in hopes to ultimately play our part in allowing the field of Cognitive Science to flourish.

"University is a place to learn, but not only from lectures and books - learning from the minds of others is how we grow as people."


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We hold a variety of social activities and we can not wait to meet you! Our goal is to connect you to your fellow peers and professors in cognitive science, help you expand your learning experience, and provide a means for you to reach out to enthusiastic and driven individuals who can help you reach your academic goals.

COSSA 2017 - 2018 Executives:
President:  Yusef Curtis-Clarke 
Vice President: Jessa Dee Luna
Social Director:  Aida Magomedova
Event Coordinator: Amir Zarie
Treasurer:  Michael Szendrei
System Admin: Jamaiya Valenzuela
Secretary:  David Lapadula

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Check out our most recent events!
Orientation Day (Sep 6)
Meet & Greet (Sep 13)
Pet Therapy (Sep 20)
Movie Night - "Inside Out" (Sep 27)

Contact Information
Address:  Vanier College, 101D
Office Hours: Wed 2:30 - 4 PM


Cognitive Science Meet and Greet
Get to know cognitive science professors, majors, and enthusiasts while enjoying some great music and snacks. Everyone in attendance will receive a free reusable water bottle!

Lab Tours
Tour some of the amazing Labs at York University.

Cognitive Science Speaker Series
Attend many fascinating talks in the field of cognitive science throughout the year. Mingle with the speaker, profs, and students over refreshments afterwards.

Movie Nights
Watch movies on campus or at a nearby theatre with COSSA. Movie nights are always FREE for members!

Game Nights
Come and play video games and board games over great music and snacks.

City Outings
COSSA plans outings around the city. This year, we plan to visit Toronto's museums and zoo during free student nights our with a group discount.

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